The Street Smart Cop/Pro-

Active Patrol Tactics Course  

Course Topics:

  • Introduction & Understanding Modern Day Policing
  • Case Law
  • Identifying Criminal Vehicles
  • Officer Safety & The Motor Vehicle Stop
  • Motor Vehicle Offenses
  • Hindering Apprehension & Identifying a Wanted Person
  • The Motor Vehicle Stop & Interview
  • Searching a Criminal Motor Vehicle

I have been a Police Officer for over 20 years and I wish training like this was around when I was a Rookie. I picked up more in two days then I did in my first 10 years combined on the road. 

Police Sergeant

Dennis Benigno

Dennis Benigno

Founder & Instructor

Dennis Benigno is the founder and CEO of Street Cop Training and began formal police instruction in 2012.  His law enforcement career began in 2001 at 19 years of age as a NJ Corrections Officer. In 2004 Benigno became a police officer with the US Park Police Dept. in Washington, DC and in 2005 moved over to the position of police officer in one of NJ’s largest municipalities.  He has received multiple awards including but not limited to Lifesaving, Meritorious Service, Mayor’s Award for Excellence in Public Service, Several Letters of Recognition, Leadership awards and Certificates of Appreciation from several law enforcement organizations.  As a police officer Benigno has affected over 1,500 arrests and has conducted well over 10,000.00 motor vehicle stops.  

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