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  • August 5, 2020 - August 6, 2020
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Portion 1: The foundational course Street Cop Training was built on. Taken by over 10,000 law enforcement officers, it has been
regarded as the best course ever created for police. We have spent almost 20 years of collective information and fine tuning it to
create a training experience like no other. Humorous, exciting, and extremely valuable, this course is designed to be enjoyed by
every division and every rank. We will cover the case law every cop needs to know, specific to the state in which it’s taught and
surrounding states’; identity deception/uncovering the truth; reactions to police presence when engaged in criminal conduct; key
phrases of deception; body language and nervous behavior; distinguishing illegal police conduct from legal police conduct; current
crime trends; motor vehicle law that you should know; exposure to hidden compartments/hides; and officer safety/tactics that will
save your life. The exposure to this kind of knowledge is a MUST have in today’s modern policing. We can no longer afford to guess
what to do next. Re-Active or Pro-Active, officers must know how to behave in a manner that is constitutionally compliant. We teach
topics that not only give the student understanding but also raise their confidence. Also, we supply the facts and provide where it
says what we teach and advocate with legal references.

The student will be privy to watching strategically edited police videos in a way that breaks down the indicators of criminal behavior.
This is the perfect course for anyone looking to take their policing to the next level or looking to polish your existing abilities as an
effective police officer. This course has been deemed so vital for police officers that several agencies have sent all sworn personnel.
Some have added it as a pre-requisite to completing their field-training program. This course is not just for the proactive officers, as
it provides essential information all LEO’s must know. It is extremely dangerous for police officers to be in the presence of criminal
activity without being aware of it. Save yourself from embarrassment. Save your life. Save the life of another.


Portion 2: Instructed by Swat Medic Deputy Sean Barnette – Deputy Sean Barnette is a swat team medic detailed to one of our
nation’s largest cities. Barnette completed two combat tours with the Army and Air Force flying over 75 support missions for special
forces as a combat medic. He has personally treated hundreds of gunshot victims and victims of extreme trauma. Barnette is a
paramedic instructor with over 20 years of experience in emergency medicine. He is also a firefighter and continues to serve as a
paramedic and continuing to treat victims of traumatic injury. Barnette has extensive history and knowledge regarding opioid use,
and has instructed and written published articles regarding the dangers and treatment of opioid exposure. Barnette has also
provided training to paramedics regarding the emergency treatment of opioid overdoses and has personally treated hundreds of
victims of opioid overdoses.

Additional Topics to be covered by Barnette:
Identifying the methods and signs of an opioid abuser; Identify and understand the dynamic of the illegal market that supports opioid
abuse; Prevention, education, and care vs. criminal justice reforms to help the opioid epidemic; Physiological indicators of abuse;
Criminal indicators of opioid abuse; Applicable tools for the school resource officer; Education for staff/students; Recognizing clues;
Factual data on employing efforts to combat the opioid epidemic; Other valuable resources available to law enforcement, educators,
and parents; Law enforcement’s legal approach to stop the flow of opioids into our communities; Early signs and indications of
opioid use; Paraphernalia that indicates opioid use; Who is at most risk? Common trends; What are opioids and why are they so
dangerous? Medical and mental treatments available to victims of opioid abuse; Emergency response to overdose prevention;
Follow up treatment and what to do after encountering opioid use or overdose; Long term options and sustainability of a successful
rehabilitation; The proper and necessary skills and tools available to all persons to help combat the opioid epidemic; The education
of first responders on how begin a program to educate others beyond their agency. If you have taken the online program and
want to redeem your in-person voucher for this class please email us to reserve a spot.


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