Benigno has had over 14 years of Law Enforcement service as a corrections officer, federal police officer, and a NJ municipal police officer. Benigno recognized a need for this training and created training courses designed to give police officers the knowledge they need in today’s world. Designed to be enjoyable and informative his training has been taken by thousands on Police Officers, Investigators, and Federal Agents.




    You will gain knowledge in case law guiding you on how to make correct and accurate decisions in their daily law enforcement functions.


    Opening your eyes to recognizing crimes before they occur, in progress, and after they have occurred, once you can receive this training you will become proficient at picking out criminals based on their behaviors.


    These courses are taught in an enjoyable environment with the content being broken down into easy to understand segments

NJ’s highest rated Police Training Courses.



Patrol tactics, identifying criminal vehicles and persons, how to read and understand body language and deception, and techniques / approaches to the job that will save your life. Grow your brain with knowledge in the law, how to properly perform your police duties and making your cases bulletproof.

Leave with a confidence you never imagined would come from training.

Completely Legal & Effective Methods


We will show you legal and effective methods for conducting Re-Active and Pro-Active patrol functions. Training our officers with knowledge and legal tactics will prevent embarrassment and lawsuits from misinterpretations of the law.

This course benefits all divisions of a Police Dept, not just Patrol!




After attending this course I have had 11 drug related arrests in 2 months, One of the best classes I've taken, really put things in perspective. - Westfield PD officer
Prior to taking this class I didn't know what to do when somebody denied me consent to search, one week after the class I followed the steps to obtaining a search warrant and got 2,450 bags of heroin and $8,000 in cash on a mv stop. Since then I have also siezed 14 ounces of cocaine and 1lb of marijuana, along with several other arrests. - Port Authority PD officer
After Day 1 of your class I reported to work and got my first distribution case on an MV Stop, thank you, great course. - East Brunswick PD officer
This course has answered so many questions and changed my whole style of police work to focusing on what's important - Woodbridge Police Officer
I have been to several interdiction classes, this is by far the best one and I have recommended it to every cop I know. - Roselle Park Police Officer

I thoroughly enjoyed your course and have put it to good use already. I have been on solo patrol for about 6 months and have only made simple warrant arrests. The friday after your class I put your trilaining to good use, saw a car, liked it, found a violation (he even tried to hide in a gas station) stopped him. He had no dl and didn't know his soc. He signed a consent to search form with a different name than what he originally gave me. Turns out he had 2 warrants. So I charged him with hindering but didn't find any cds.

Today I stopped a car smelled marijuana he denied consent but I was towing his car, turns out his car was leaking gas... unsafe vehicle. He smelled like marijuana, searched him and his bag and found weed. Found weed in the car also.

Your class definitely boosted my confidence.

- John P Fitzgerald | Patrolman Roselle Park Police Department
Wanted to thank you again for the great class. A couple weeks after I took it got a decent CDS arrest with some Molly pills using stuff that I learned. Dave Brown - Hillsborough Police
This is the second time I'm taking your class and paying for it on my own. I never knew what we did had a title (criminal interdictionist). I've been doing it for years and since your class my productivity immediately improved with quality arrests and convictions. Rob Reitz - South Toms River PD
Hey just wanted to thank you for an awesome class. Me and my partner who attended class are already successful with 4 separate narcotics arrests in just 1 day based on the tactics learned in your class. Please keep me posted if you run a trap class and also future classes as our Chief is already eager to send more guys! Ed Paster
I just wanted to let you know I took your class on September 25 and 26th at Union County Police Academy and I have made an NCIC warrant arrest on Friday and so far today I have made an ACS warrant arrest and a possession of marijuana arrest. Your tactics and knowledge have inspired me and provided me with some tools that I otherwise would not have had. I feel so much more confident with questioning people on car stops and knowing what to look for. Tim Butler - HCPD
First 8 minutes back in Patrol my partner and I seized 240 Pills of Oxycodone and $8,000.00 in cash just doing what you explained in class. Amazing. Hillside PD


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