The Female Street Cop

Course Topics

  • Tools for building a strong mindset as a woman in law enforcement
  • Feeling more confident in the job and ways to work at growing that confidence throughout their careers
  • Skills to take command presence to the next level
  • How to successfully navigate personal relationships and obstacles that may arise while working as an officer.
  • An overview of the impact social media can have both positively and negatively on their careers
Autumn Clifford

Autumn Clifford


Officer Autumn Clifford has been in Law Enforcement since 2010. In 2016 Autumn suffered an injury in the line of duty forcing her from front line patrol and into several different roles within the field in different capacities. She holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a focus on Public Administration, is an adjunct college professor, the host of the Officer Autumn Show Podcast and creator of a coaching business that focuses on female first responders where she has helped hundreds of women excel both inside and outside of work.

Course Topics:

  • Improve interview skills
  • Enhance Officer Safety
  • Increase Ability to Recognize Truthfulness
  • Ability to articulate description of body language for reports
  • Enhance communication with public

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