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  • January 13, 2023
    8:00 am - 6:00 pm

About the Course:

**Regardless of the hosting state, we provide state-specific case law applicable to all students in attendance and their respective states.**

The foundational course Street Cop Training was built on. This career-changing training has been taken by over 10,000 law enforcement officers and has been regarded as the best course ever created for police officers. Humorous, exciting, and extremely valuable, this course is designed to be enjoyed by every division and rank. This program has been deemed so vital for police officers that several agencies have sent all sworn personnel to attend. Some have even added it as a prerequisite to completing their field-training program. This training is not just for the pro-active officer, as it provides essential information all LEO’s must know. Referred to as a “game changer,” this is the perfect course for anyone looking to take their policing to the next level, or to polish their existing abilities as an effective police officer. You will feel more confident, re-energized, and gain a renewed sense of purpose.

The course begins with covering case law that police officers need to know. Local and surrounding state’s case law is included. The exposure to this kind of knowledge is a MUST have in today’s modern policing. We can no longer afford to guess what to do next. Society expects a police officer that confidently knows exactly what to do. Re-active or pro-active, officers must know what is constitutionally compliant. This will put an end to common police misconceptions and muster room debates. We supply facts and the binding legal court rulings that support our teachings. The case law portion alone will put the attendee significantly ahead of a majority of officers in their legal know-how. Save yourself the embarrassment, criminal, civil, or internal penalties of making a bad decision.

The course goes beyond case law and into pro-active policing and how to be an effective police officer. The student will be privy to watching strategically edited police videos in a way that breaks down the indicators of criminal behavior. Being able to recognize crime before, during and after it occurs through these constitutionally compliant techniques has allowed our attendees to bring thousands of fugitives to justice, apprehend some of the most heinous offenders, rescue kidnapped children, interrupt and rescued human trafficking victims, stop crimes in progress and solve countless unsolved crimes. Agencies that consider crimes like these to be a top priority will love this course and what it will do for their personnel.

Furthermore, without being aware of the red flags of criminal behavior, police officers, unbeknownst to them, put themselves in significant danger of deadly situations. This training will help the attendee recognize pre-attack indicators. Combined with simple tactical changes that are explained, the likelihood of surviving police work rises expeditiously. Save your life. Save the life of others. This is a course you just can’t afford to miss.

Instructor Dennis Benigno is the founder and CEO of Street Cop Training and began formal police instruction in 2012. His law enforcement career began in 2001 as a NJ Corrections Officer. In 2004, Benigno became a police officer with the US Park Police Dept. in Washington, DC and in 2005 moved over to the position of police officer in one of NJ’s largest municipalities. He has received multiple awards including but not limited to Lifesaving, Meritorious Service, Mayor’s Award for Excellence in Public Service, Several Letters of Recognition, Leadership awards and Certificates of Appreciation from several law enforcement organizations. As a police officer, Benigno has affected over 1,500 arrests and has conducted well over 10,000 motor vehicle stops. He now leads one of the fastest growing LEO education companies in the country with 40 expert police instructors that serve nationally to educate law enforcement in an array of different topics.

Dennis is recognized as not only an instructor but as a thought leader and influencer in modern day policing. His outspoken vision of changing law enforcement for the better has struck the hearts of over 250,000 followers on social media platforms alone. Benigno stands strong on the implementation of more humanity through leadership in all areas of law enforcement to overcome adversity and work together to serve society. He is often asked to be the keynote speaker at several large law enforcement conferences. He also hosts the Street Cop Podcast with over 300K subscribers and over 5 million downloads annually.


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