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  • September 16, 2022
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm

About This Course: 

This is a one-day firearms course designed for officers of all skill levels. This course will cover multiple topics to help the officer build confidence in his/her shooting skills, develop a tactical mindset, and leave with the mindset of WINNING, not just surviving. Topics of instruction include, but are not limited to; stress induced shooting, moving while shooting, multiple threat engagements, different shooting positions, and timed shooting events.

Rich Bruno is currently a full-time police officer in the State of New Jersey with 14 years of experience. He is a certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor and a certified Police Assault Rifle Instructor. Rich is the senior Firearms Instructor for his law enforcement agency, as well as a certified instructor for police assault rifle, pistol red dot, active shooter, defensive tactics, taser, OC, handcuffing, and Monadnock expandable baton. He is a certified Smith & Wesson Armorer and Colt M16/M4 Armorer. He has been a member of a Regional SWAT Team where he currently serves on the primary assault team, Firearms Instructor, CQB Instructor, and former Perimeter Team Leader. He has conducted many successful real-world operations during his time on the SWAT Team. Rich has graduated multiple commercial tactical, handgun, and carbine training courses conducted by industry experts.

*Required for Class*


Duty belt, duty handgun, eye protection, ear protection, at least three magazines, 500 rounds of ammunition. Please dress in appropriate range attire, and prepare for all weather elements. Bringing your own food is suggested in order to maximize training time.

location: Outdoor


Outdoor Range, Manchester, New Jersey, 08759, United States



*Address will be provided week before class starts*