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  • September 15, 2021
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

About the Course:

Street Academy stresses the analysis of modern-day incidents so that students will learn to train for and focus on dangerous situations that they are likely to incur as modern law enforcement professionals. This course will focus on the urgency of understanding the fundamentals of officer survival, how reliable realistic training enhances our survivability, and how knowledge and understanding of tactical aspects of criminal investigations make us better professionals.  Street Academy will strongly encourage attendees to get back to their agencies and make safety and tactics a priority to enhance their safety both physically, legally and in turn enhance the agency’s safety and liability protection.


This course will cover how committing small everyday tasks such as gear placement, and how proficiency in things like handcuffing and handgun reloads need to be committed to muscle memory to be performed subconsciously under severe stress. This course will open the eyes of younger officers and reinvigorate the seasoned cops and stress to them the importance of mental rehearsal, having pre-planned options for certain events, and stress inoculation so that under extreme duress our cognitive brain will be able to function and provide us with survival options from the “The Drop Down Menu in Our Brain.”


The content of this course will go “beyond” the passenger side approach and discuss proper positioning options for back up officers, angles of fire, avoiding crossfire when sudden violence erupts and the ballistics of auto glass. Students will also explore the science of Boyd’s Loop / OODA Loop and how it applies to police work. We The instructor will break down the decision-making process in Boyd’s Loop and “flip the switch” to encourage cops to use this science to their advantage and stay ahead of violators in this tactical decision-making process. The instructor will dissect car stops from the pre-stop behavior of the police officer, all the way to arrest. Additionally, the instructor will cover “Pre-Emptive Tactics” used to avert disaster on car stops. Students will learn the tactical and survival aspects of vehicle positioning, vehicle approach, officer / violator contact, removing suspects from vehicles, handcuffing and Terry frisks,  modern approaches to “Contact Cover”, operating from a Position of Dominance when dealing with suspects, handcuffing, searching of suspects, searches of vehicles, “Pain Compliance v. Cognitive/Physical Dysfunction” techniques, and transporting prisoners.


Instructor Sgt. Jeff Smith began his law enforcement career in 1991 and has spent 28 ½ as a pro-active street cop. Smith began formal police instruction in 1996 and taught Defensive Tactics, Officer Survival, Tactics, Taser, Baton, Less Lethal Options and Drug Enforcement Operations for the next two decades. Smith has spent 18 years in the Narcotics, Special Enforcement and Major Crimes Units where he participated in and supervised 1000’s of felony investigations and in his time as a supervisor and detective, his pro-active drug unit was responsible for several thousand arrests and worked with agencies and units at every level all over the Mid-Atlantic region. Smith spent 10 years as a tactical officer with the department’s SWAT team and has been a Crisis Negotiator and Assistant CNT Commander for the department’s SWAT team for 12 years. Smith has earned 18 departmental commendations, 2 Governors citations and multiple officer of the year nominations. Smith is a court certified expert witness in drug related prosecutions. Smith retired as a Sgt. On January 1, 2020.


Pennsylvania, United States