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  • September 29, 2021
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

About the Course: 

Roadside Interrogation. Interdiction techniques. Survival tactics. Street Cop Training offers fantastic courses in those topics. But what happens when you take off your body armor and pistol and try to let loose of the daily burdens of being a modern guardian? “Sheepdog: Unconquered” is designed to help you develop a stronger mindset and a stronger spirit. With a strong mind and an indomitable spirit no matter what the evil comes your way, you live… undefeated. Undefeated in the streets. Undefeated in the office. Undefeated at home. And you will learn how to be Undefeated especially when you find yourself alone and struggling with the demons that this profession creates and stacks upon our shoulders.

Street Cop Instructor Adam Davis delivers his raw, unfiltered story of overcoming the trauma of childhood sexual abuse, his experiences in law enforcement, and his battles with suicidal thoughts and substance abuse. Surviving these trials has positioned Davis to deliver his message of hope and positivity to today’s working cops fighting the same battles. Adam Davis is known for his ability to deliver faith, hope, and love to those who serve. He will encourage those that attend to face head on the most intimidating battles that the Sheepdogs of 2021 must face. He will help you understand how to apply these principles to achieve optimal performance and fulfillment in your personal and professional relationships. His mission is to provide a realistic approach to developing an Unconquered Mindset for law enforcement officers on duty and off duty.

Instructor Adam Davis began his law enforcement career in 2009 in southeast Alabama where he worked as a patrolman. Davis served in the traffic division and as an FBI trained member of the Crisis Negotiation Team. He was later assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division as a Burglary detective, and also served as a criminal intelligence liaison. Davis resigned as an officer in 2015 to focus his time and energy on continuing to serve law enforcement officers by sharing his experiences through speaking and sharing his experiences to help his brother and sister guardians understand that they do not fight alone. Davis has authored four books including The Bullet Proof Marriage, a book that he co-authored with Lt. Colonel David Grossman. His work can be heard on Marcus Luttrell’s Team Never Quit Podcast and excerpts of his TedX talk can be found online. In 2017, Davis was nominated for the J. Edgar Hoover Officer of the Year. Since 2018, Adam Davis has reached nearly 100,000 law enforcement officers and their families through his writing and speaking. awards, two Top Gun awards for DWI, and meritorious awards given by the Mayor, Chief of Police and County Prosecutor’s Office for his work with narcotic enforcement.


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