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  • September 9, 2022
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

About This Course:

Officer Involved is a debrief of the complex dynamics that occur during officer-involved shootings and how officers and their agencies can understand the extreme dynamics of such an incident to help us improve and grow as a profession. Officer Involved encourages law enforcement officers to honestly and critically assess their tactics and mindset to improve officer safety and positively review lethal force encounters and critical incidents for professional growth. Instructor Tom Stilson’s class dissects the dynamics and challenges presented in a shooting.

Officed Involved was designed to address the importance of mental preparation and moral perspective for officers in their careers to help prepare them for the possibility of a lethal force encounter. Officer Involved is beneficial to new and veteran officers, whether they have been involved in a critical incident or not and emphasizes a growth mindset for officers when faced with violent confrontations. The instructor will also address cost-effective training opportunities and methods for officers to better prepare for or prevent a lethal force encounter. Instructor Stilson’s presentation strives to help America’s police officers understand how common mental “blocks” and other external factors affect safety priorities and allow officers to misjudge threats faced during calls for service.

In addition to preparing law enforcement officers for lethal force encounters prior to a critical incident and preparing officers for the moments when critical incidents erupt, Instructor Stilson’s class hopes to guide law enforcement personnel through the potential adversity faced in the aftermath of an Officer Involved Shooting. Tom Stilson will discuss the aftermath of a critical incident including anticipated interviews, legal challenges, courtroom testimony, and internal investigations. This class also takes a critical look at how law enforcement agencies respond after a critical incident involving an Officer Involved Shooting. Instructor Stilson will suggest comprehensive and educated protocols to officer- involved shootings that uphold the integrity of an investigation while providing compassion and empathy for involved officers.

Tom Stilson uses his personal experience from his own Officer Involved Shootings as a guide for officers to use these events to learn and grow as an individual and professional. This course includes a review of multiple officer-involved shootings, including friends and co-workers of Instructor Stilson’s who have been involved in multiple Officer Involved Shootings and firsthand interviews with cops who survived Officer Involved Shootings and discusses factors that determined their outcomes. Instructor Stilson’s presentation also covers case law governing lethal force, its context in dealing with violent perpetrators, and the legal components of justifiable use of force. Officer Involved is designed to help law enforcement officers and their agencies prepare and prevail in all stages of a critical incident involving lethal force.

Instructor Tom Stilson began his law enforcement career in 2015 as a patrol deputy with the Webster County Sheriff’s Office. His career continued after he graduated his second law enforcement academy in 2018 and joined the Springfield Police Department as a patrol officer. A street cop at heart, Stilson is currently a proactive patrol deputy with a major sheriff’s office in southwest Missouri.

Prior to his law enforcement career, Stilson was a firearms compliance officer for a major international firearms retailer and oversaw firearms compliance for nearly 100 retail locations. Stilson graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Geology from Stanford University in 2009 and continued graduate studies until he changed careers and entered law enforcement in 2015.

In 2017, Stilson was involved in his first officer-involved shooting and received a Life Saving award for actions taken during the incident. Stilson was involved in his second officer-involved shooting in 2020 and has been involved in multiple additional critical incidents at his agency during his tenure there.

Stilson is a graduate of multiple firearms courses to include Massad Ayoob’s MAG-40 where he took Top Gun honors. Instructor Stilson was awarded the Top Gun and Top Academic honors in two different police academies. Stilson is a POST certified firearms instructor, field training officer, and major crimes investigator. Instructor Tom Stilson comes the Street Cop Training to give of his experiences with Officer Involved Shootings to help prepare police officers to survive and recover from these types of critical incidents.


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