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  • September 16, 2022
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

About This Course: 

You asked for it and we delivered! Everyone found the first evolution of our case law class to be
so invaluable that we published the next evolution of case law that all NJ law enforcement need
to know. If you’ve taken pro-active patrol or our original case law class we have created a class
with a whole new set of topics that you must know to be able to make sound decisions legally as
a police officer. Case law is the law that is established by the outcome of former cases. Without
knowing what is constitutionally permitted action, police work is merely a guessing game. We
live in a time and era where the public expects their law enforcement officers to know how to
make correct legal decisions in the field. It is our duty to ensure at a minimum that are police
officers are acting effectively and constitutionally compliant. The job gets done better and is
easier than most think when you know exactly what to do.

The course topics will include but not be limited to Sources of Information, Entering into
Homes, Arrest Warrant Authority, Exigent Circumstances, Emergency Aid Doctrine,
Community Care Taking Functions, Knock and Announce Rules, Fresh Pursuit, Protective
Sweeps, Plain View, Warrant Application, Common Authority, Search incident to arrest,
Inventory of Property, Random Plate Inquires and much more. There is no order in which these
classes should be taken as each one addresses a different set of topics. And there are many that
police must know.

This training will extinguish common false misconceptions plaguing law enforcement while
providing a sense of relief for administrators knowing that their staff has received the tools they
need to prevent accusations of misconduct and litigious claims. It’s no secret that this course and
all Street Cop courses are highly informative and entertaining. We are thrilled when our students
leave class ready to perform in the field confidently and without hesitation knowing the action
they are taking is supported by our courts rulings.

Instructor Dennis Benigno is the founder and CEO of Street Cop Training and began
formal police instruction in 2012. His law enforcement career began in 2001.
Benigno is recognized as not only an instructor but as a thought leader and
influencer in modern day policing. His outspoken vision of changing law
enforcement for the better has struck the hearts of over 350,000 followers on social
media platforms alone. To this day he has personally trained over 15,000 police
officers. Street Cop Training has become one of the largest police training
institutions in the country with our collective staff educating over 30,000 police
officers annually.


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