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  • November 4, 2022
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

About This Course: 

This course is the down and dirty, deep-dive into street level pro-active policing and how to be an effective police officer against the criminal element, every single shift. The student will be privy to watching several strategically edited police videos in a way that breaks down the indicators of criminal behavior as they react to a police officer’s presence in real time. This course will provide consistent mental reps to the student for the entirety of the class. With each rep, the student’s mind will be trained to recognize and react accordingly when they see the behavior changes. The students will learn to react using tactics taught from the course to win the encounter and remain safe every shift.

Being able to recognize the indicators and signs taught in this course will allow the student to leave the class and go back to their agency where they will possess the knowledge to be multi-dimensional in the types of crime they interrupt, employing these tactics and skills to bring fugitives to justice, apprehend some of the most heinous offenders, rescue kidnapped children, interrupt and rescue human trafficking victims, stop crimes in progress and solve countless unsolved crimes. Agencies that consider crimes like these to be a top priority will love this course and what it will do for their personnel’s morale and career fulfillment. These same officers will return to their agency and begin to positively change the culture of the department through their police work and high morale level.

If officers do not learn these indicators and tactics, they will be unaware of the red flags of criminal behavior, and these same police officers, unbeknownst to them, put themselves in significant danger of deadly situations. This training will help the attendee recognize pre-attack and pre-flight indicators. Combined with simple tactical changes that are explained, the likelihood of surviving police work rises expeditiously. Save your life. Save the life of others. This is a course that is absolutely essential if you want to reach your full potential as a proactive officer.

Instructor Craig Meyer began his police career in 2013 in the state or New Jersey. He began as a police officer with the Franklin Township Police Department followed by the Hillsborough Township Police Department for 5 years. From there, he transferred to the Bryan Police Department in the State of Texas where he continued to employ the same proactive police tactics that Street Cop Training was founded upon. After 3 years at Bryan PD he promoted to a patrol Sergeant Position. Craig has also taken on the roles of Field Training Coordinator and SWAT Team Sergeant. Craig is no stranger to Street Cop Training as he took his first class in 2014 with Dennis. This lit the fire in Craig and he in turn ran with it and proceeded to have success across both New Jersey and Texas, passing the tools of the trade on to many other officers.

As a police officer, Craig has affected over 1,000 arrests and has conducted well over 3,000 motor vehicle stops in his time on the street. As a sergeant he continues to make time to go out, work the streets with his team, and successfully employ the same tactics he is teaching others in this course.

Craig stands behind his “lead from the front” mentality as a supervisor, prioritizes developing his people and believes in fulfilling his greater purpose of helping officers all over the country achieve success in employing proactive policing tactics. This course is essential whether you are just getting out of academy and picking up new tools or have been on the street for several years and are sharpening the ones you already have.


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