In this archive episode, Dennis answers two questions about interdiction. Recorded on 08/17/2017.

QUESTION #1: Hey Dennis, two questions that I think a lot of young officers who want to do good highway interdiction run into, and other guys in the group. First, is older/do nothing that tell you don’t stop cars, you are wasting your time, or departments that make you call out every stop so whoever is on the desk is getting pissed off etc, how did you handle that. Second, if you stop a car ask for consent but see the person is agitated but somewhat cooperative, its the gray area, toss the car, come up empty, do you still write the PC for the stop or give them a warning because they were “nice enough” to let you search their car.

QUESTION #2: Hey Dennis I follow your Street Cop Training and I have to say your videos are great. I follow them religiously now. I’ve been wanting to ask you for your opinion on something. I average about 50 – 70 drug arrests a year but I get very few large quantity grabs. I work in a town outside of Trenton and we usually target people leaving Trenton. Do you think that I should change my focus and try to target people going in to get larger quantities? I don’t really have a K9 readily available either so would I just be pissing in the wind without one?